Refund of overpayments

Good morning. My August statement shows a £60 credit balance but does not include today’s DD payment of £76. Also, I omitted to enter my meter readings in time and the estimated readings are higher than the actuals which I have now entered (I’ll be more punctual next month lol). I’d be grateful if you could refund £130 please?
Many thanks for an all round great product with the associated level of service…so much better than iSupply who have to be the worst energy supplier on the planet!!
Best wishes

Hey @david2008 , thanks for getting in touch. The statement doesn’t show next month’s payment as it is for the previous month’s usage. So we thought it would be clearer to just include the advanced payment for that month and the cost of energy for that month. This should make it easier to see how your payments compare to your usage.

Your account is in £65.62 credit and soon to be £142.40. We’d expect your account to be building a little bit of credit over summer so that you don’t have to increase your payments in winter to cover the extra usage. We usually suggest leaving 1.5 payments in the account, which is around £115 in your case. So how about a £30 refund?

Thanks for the great feedback, it means a lot to hear!



Hi Rachel
I’m going to be moving house in early October (missives concluded) therefore no need to build up a surplus therefore please could you refund £130 as requested as soon as possible?
Many thanks

Hi @david2008, as @rachel mentioned, to stay ‘payments in advance’ we need to keep one payment worth of credit in your Bulb account. Thus I’ve refunded £70 just now. (Refunding £130 would bring you under one payment’s worth of credit.)

Hi Rachel,
My account is in Credit by £374 could you refund £150 to my account please. This should leave a reasonable balance to cover start of winter ?

@peter2652 just done now. £ will be with you within 5 working days, sometimes much faster.