Hello bulb, we’ve got a large balance on the account and the direct debit is still being taken each month. Please can you refund the balance to us?
And could you possibly re calculate the direct debit according to the usage, My usage is about half of what my direct debit amount is. Thank you. Umi

Hi @Umi ,

You can actually change the direct debit amount yourself via under ‘Payments and Settings’ (I’ve got a large credit balance myself and have just reduced mine to £20 per month - at my current usage rate, that should be okay until mid-way through next year!).

However, if you want/prefer a refund, you’ll need to have recently supplied Bulb with meter readings (so they don’t have to ask for the money back for next month’s bill!) and then, according to , just drop them an email at .

@UMI We don’t necessarily suggest decreasing the DD as well as refunding the credit - we set our DD at an estimate of what we think will cover your energy used over the course of the year. Most people are in credit at this time of year, and we expect them to be so.

You can, of course, set your monthly payment amount in your online account as @RichyB suggests. We can also issue a refund if we’ve got up-to-date meter readings and we keep one month’s payment in the account.