Refund pleaseeeee?

How the hell do you get a refund from this place. My balance is showing £2700 in credit and obviously would like this refunded. Can’t get through to anyone ! I’m puzzled as to how it’s this much in credit as it was £500 in credit last week and has shot up !??

There’s a more than decent chance that they’ve put through a bill correction but there’s still a large debit entry imminent. Why they can’t put through these entries at the same time is beyond me.

Thanks Norman it’s an absolute joke isn’t it

Hi @kathryn_eales :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch with us and I am really sorry about the confusion caused here. I have had a look over your account and your billing has been checked over by our operations team hence why you would have had a very large credit balance in your account for a short period.

The billing has now been corrected so the current balance in your account is correct. Let me know if you would still like a credit refund and we can action this for you :point_down:


Jen :star:

Hi Jen thank you for getting back to me. Please issue a refund. Thanks