Refund shockingly low

We have 424.89 in credit
Shocking attitude to refund
I was offered 12 refund even though we only use 130 on high usage month
This is not acceptable
Do I really have to close my account to get a refund once other suppliers allow

Hey @macc70 and welcome to the community :wave:

Your winter usage is calculated using your usage last winter, plus any price changes that we have had this year. If we look back to your winter usage last year, you used more than £130 for 4 months running so we do need to ensure there is enough credit in the account to act as a buffer for these larger statements this winter.

I can see you have requested a refund via the Bulb account which will only allow a certain amount to be refunded to prevent members going into debt. If you’d like more refunded, we can discuss this and can request this manually, however monthly payments will also need to increase to cover those larger winter statements and prevent debt.

I’d be happy to discuss this further with you via email if you’d like.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Mac, this is a fresh quote from Outfox the Market, a firm that gave me a £52 PCM quote about 4 months ago.

Considering that the energy and gas prices went up, I`m happy to stay with Bulb and pay less, their tariff is the cheapest now.

I have £227 credit with them too and a £67 DD but I won`t ask for any refund, no one knows what the prices will be over winter, better to be covered than to struggle to pay the bill.

I have over £500 in credit, and my regular monthly DD of £135 covers my basic winter use of electricty - I have storage heaters on Economy 7 - but I do like to know I can use my dehumidifier, or turn on my infra-red wall heater when I need to without worrying about the cost

If I asked for a refund it wouldn’t buy me warmth, or keep the house in good nick, and keep me free from anxiety about future bills.


Hi @Lym82ond @& @Doinita

This is definitely a good thing to do over these winter months to ensure you are better off after the winter months have passed.

We would be more than happy to refund any excess credit over you monthly DD, if this is something of interest to you at any point.

Let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb: