Refund timescale

Hiya, I requested a refund a week ago as I had a good balance, I just wondered if anyone has any experience and could tell me how long it usually takes, I was told 5-10 days which is fine but it’s a been a week and my balance is still the same.

Hi @Stell78,

The refund should disappear from your Bulb account within a couple of business days and then take around 3-5 days to work its way through the banking system to your bank account. I would guess that for some reason, the refund hasn’t been fully processed at Bulb’s end - if you drop them another email (or catch them on live chat) via How to get in touch – Bulb , they should be able to follow this up.

Thank you, this is what I thought, I’ll chase them up now

Hi @Stell78,

Hope it helps - I’ve actually just put in a refund request myself (using less than £70 of energy per month, it seemed a bit silly to have a £600+ credit on my account) so soon I’ll be able to say how long it takes from a personal perspective :wink: It’ll be helpful for others (I did mark my request low priority/non-urgent) for you to let us fellow community members how long it took from your perspective for the future.

How did you get your refund?

How did you get your refund?

Hi - click the Help button at the top of this page and search for “refund”.

Hi @Robstocks,

There is also a stickied post at the top of this forum called 'How can I request a refund? ’ at which details of what is needed - but basically ensure your account has an up to date meter reading and drop Bulb an email (see How to get in touch – Bulb ).

If you are after a refund because you have left Bulb, those refunds are taking a little longer than Bulb’s goal to be processed (see Eleanor’s new blog post at detailing this), but they are trying to get on top of things.

@Stell78 You should receive it later on today, apologies for the delay.

Thanks @DanP I spoke to someone on the phone earlier who explained what had happened

I requested a refund yesterday the email back says a representative will be in touch in 5 days does that mean it is to discuss your refund and what time scale does that mean with the Christmas holidays .on the account it says money back 3 to 5 days it doesn’t seem like that reading some of these comments