Refund uneccessarily high balance

You promised you would not keep an uneccessarily high balance - I am £250 in credit?! and has been gaining for months - at what point do you opt to do something?

Hi @morganbach, having just checked your account the credit is indeed quite high. Just give us the word and we are more than happy to refund £200 back to you with the remainder staying in as a buffer. Your summer usage was consistently lower than the monthly payments whereas the winter usage has been quite close so it will be useful to have a buffer in case it goes higher.

Yes please £200 and a lower monthly as we have a log burner and unlikely to ‘spike’ coming into spring shortly.

Of course @morganbach. I’ve gone ahead and processed that refund for you :). Have a great weekend!

Thanks SJ, But you’ve kept the £50 and my Dd has drawn about £75 this month too, so please can my Dd be dropped down to about £45 refelcting my usage and the buffer you have.


Hey @morganbach, sorry for the late response and for not being clearer before. Your meter readings have shown an increased consumption during the winter. We would recommend keeping the payments at the current rate and the credit to be used as a buffer during this period. Decreasing the payments would increase the likelihood of going into a lot of debt before the summer.

SJ this is bordering on being awkward. My increased usage shows I still continue to acrue a sizable excess. you either need a buffer, which yo have kept or a high monthly. You don’t need both. Fater the third request, please lower my monthly to reflect whatI use and keep the buffer amount or refund the buffer and retain the monthlies. Please be clear if you simply won’t do this that I can conside my options. Jonathan

Excuse typo’s in hury in work …

@morganbach, we are happy to change the payment amounts to something that is sensible, but if we change the payments to £50 then you will likely end up over £108 in debt by the end of winter.

Since we refunded you £200, your account is currently £6.69 in credit. Your last monthly usage was £104, and your monthly payments are set to £73. If we set your payments to £50, you will be using £54 more a month than your payments would cover. So over the next 2 months, your account would end up £108 in debt.

Instead, we could keep your payments at £73 and then automatically set up your payments to decrease to £50 from April. If you’d like your payments to decrease further, then there are various things that you could do to reduce your energy usage. Turning the thermostat down by 1 degree would be a good start, and doing the same with your boiler and hotwater tank can save a lot.

Of course @morganbach. I've gone ahead and processed that refund for you :). Have a great weekend!

Can someone update me on the refund processed three weeks ago ?

Hi there @morganbach, I can confirm that the refund was processed. Looking at the paid out date, you should have received the refund on the 6th of January. You should be able to see payments coming into the account with the name Bulb on your bank statements. I’ll email you the details of the refunds as well.

Can someone update me on the refund processed three weeks ago ?

It’s come up under ‘GCC1’ in 3 payments but I’ve found it.

@morganbach good to hear that you’ve found it!

Hi @sj_han , I have the exact same problem. My electricity estimates are way above what I actually use despite already phoning Bulb to ‘adjust’ these with actual readings. My account now says that I am £506.57 in debit which, you will understand, is completely absurd! Please act upon this. Thank you.

Hi @loicsalan , thanks so much for flagging this up.

After your chat with @helen in Feb, we were waiting to dispute your opening estimates with your old supplier. We just needed another set of customer readings for proof.

Now that we have 3 sets from you (amazing), we’ve started the process and frozen further billing temporarily. Once it’s all been accepted and they’ve amended their records, we will add in your customer readings since then and send over an amended statement for the entire period.

I’m sure that will leave your balance far healthier and sorry for the scare. Let me know if I’ve left anything unclear.

Hi @rachel , that sounds good, I’ll keep an eye out for the amended statement. Thanks for your help.

Hi @rachel , I received another statement, nothing has changed, I “owe £613”. Also, the meter readings I entered about a month ago never came up on my readings on MyBulb. When I entered the readings it said they were lower than expected and that they would be checked first. I guess they just got deleted so I have just entered new readings now which were way lower than the estimate. How long do I need to wait for this to be sorted out?

Hi @loicsalan , thanks for letting us know.

Your previous supplier only accepted the correct readings later on Wednesday and it looks as though we sent out your statement an hour too early. This meant it didn’t have the updated information in. We’re sorry it slipped through the net and caused more confusion.

We’ve sent over the revised statement to your email. Give us a bell if you have any questions once you’ve read through it!