Hi I’m waiting on a refund from my old supplier however they have told me they still havent received my final readings, please could you tell me when you are sending these over, my first payment went out on the 20th feb. Many thanks

Hi @123gk1989, your old supplier will be aware (but obviously neglected to tell you) that readings go via a third party for verification so can take a few weeks to get there.

I’d be pretty confident that Bulb will have sent your switch readings over but if you’re concerned, I’d recommend just giving them a ring tomorrow to confirm.

The standard figure stated is normally up to 6 weeks from your switch date to your old supplier issuing your final bill.

@123gk1989 – as of 02/03/18, your previous supplier have everything they need. I expect you’ll receive your final bill and refund from them within the next two weeks.