Hello my account is in a lot of credit can I request a refund ?

Good morning Shelfy,

I don’t know about the refund but like you we have a lot of credit and what we have done is to lower the amount we pay each month to use this credit up.

The easiest way to do this is to go into your account and click on account and tariff info, scroll down to payment info and click on edit payment settings. You can then click on payment amount and reduce this to a level where you know is way under what your bill is going to be for the following months and hence reduce your amount of credit.

I hope this helps.

Best regards


Hiya @Shelfy - I’ve popped you an email about this, let me know if you’d still like a refund or if you want to follow @DavidT’s model.

Cheers @DavidT.

Yep @Shelfy, you can reduce your monthly payments. If you do want a refund, as long as you’ve given an up-to-date meter reading and have at least one month’s credit in the account, you’ll need to let us know how much credit you want refunding and we’ll do that for you.