I’m £275 in credit could I get a refund of some of it?

Hi @Rach1970 . I can see that £100 is on it’s way back to you. Let us know if you’d like more of your credit refunded.

how do i get my exit fee back . that i paid edf when i left bulb do say they would pay this , but i dont no how to claim it back ?

Hi there, I’ve got £298.91 credit can I get back £200 please?

@mrphil2u - Just send us a copy of your final bill showing the exit fees. You can upload this on your Bulb account or just send a picture of it to and one of our team will credit it to your account.

@laz - I’ve refunded £200. It will be with you in the next 5 working days :slight_smile:

Hello - my account is in credit. I would like to leave it £100 in credit, but could I be refunded the rest please? Many thanks.

Thank you.