Please could I be refunded £350? My recommended payments were set way too high for a long time.


Hello @joebron ,

We fellow customers/members can’t really help with account specific enquiries like this apart to point you towards a help article which details what you need to do at -

<blockquote class="quote> If your account is in credit by more than your monthly payment amount you can email to ask for a refund. <p>A few things to check first</p> <p>Make sure we have recent meter readings. If we don’t, your Bulb Account balance may not show how much energy you’ve actually used. Submit a reading before getting in touch.</p> <p>We take payments for the month ahead. So you should always have a month’s worth of credit in your Bulb Account to cover next month’s statement.</p> <p>Everyone tends to use more energy in winter. Your equal payments have been averaged to build credit in the summer to see you through colder months.</blockquote></p> <p>There’s a chance this post may be seen by Bulb staff and they’ll be able to act on it for you, but there’s an equal (or higher) chance of it being missed. Emailing Bulb is the best route.</p>

Thanks @RichyB :slight_smile: @joebron we can indeed refund some of the credit in your account, down to a minimum of one month’s worth of credit in your account (though we’d recommend keeping a little more, about one and a half month’s worth). We’ll also need to make sure we have some recent meter readings, to make sure that the amount of credit in your account is actually accurate. However, we can’t really do refunds through this public forum, as I’d rather not talk specifics about money where everyone can see it. If you could email or give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, we can see about getting you some of that credit refunded