My account is closed and lm owes a refund that was supposed to back into my bank
As lve moved home and closed account
How do l get a refund

Hi @Shellbay56 ,

If you’ve just moved house, then the refund should show up in your bank account within 7 weeks (it’ll probably be a lot shorter than than: but that’s the ‘maximum time limit’ - I believe the absolute minimum is 1 week for things to be processed).

As your question is slightly unclear (by ‘closed account’ do you mean you Bulb account or your Bank Account?), I’ve answered again here:

If you’ve moved and closed your bank account and haven’t provided Bulb with either your new address or bank details, it will be very hard for them to process a refund. If you used your new bank’s ‘Current Account Switching Service’ then the refund will automatically work its way to you (it’ll just be slightly delayed, but no more than a day or two). If you haven’t, then it’ll be worth contacting Bulb and trying to arrange things there.

If it’s been longer than 6 weeks, I’d recommend just dropping them an email at (see ) and they may be able to prod things into action (I am assuming in all this that you did actually let Bulb know when you were moving…)