Refunding my over-payments

Good Morning Lovely Bulb People!

I have submitted my meter readings for both gas and electricity and appear to be in credit on my account by substantially more than my next months bill due in December 2019.

I would like to request this credit amount minus the December bill to be refunded to myself as soon as possible.

Trying to cover all bases, I have emailed also.

I look forward to hearing from you.

They won’t reply to you on here so why don’t you just reduce your monthly payment to £ 0?

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Hello, drop an email to and they will refund you but they are likely to ask that you have enough in your balance to cover the next expected payment.


I think the minimum you can reduce your direct debit to is £5. From my own experience sending an Email to Bulb is a complete waste of time, so reducing the direct debit is the best way to go.



Spot on with your advice which is exactly what I do?


That’s brilliant, thank you!

I have seen bulb staff respond to someone on here with regard to this exact issue on my initial search, that was dated 2017 though.

Have done the reduction in payments, was hoping for lump sum but this is the next best thing.

Thanks again :):smiley: