Refunds and how to get it back

H. There every time I ask for a refund.

Trying to get a refund from bulb

Every time I ask for a refund it always comes back with oh there’s been a fault try back later. I’ve been asking all day. Everything else is alright so hopefully I might get somewhere.

Try all communication channels email is and try to use the live chat.

I was over £1700 in credit - when i ask for a refund my statement is updated to show a debt of £10,500!!! I’ve only been with them 18 months and pay a monthly direct debit. Whenever you try contacting them, no-one is available :rofl:

According to Trevor@bulb, they constantly send out emails to customers with excess credit asking them if they would like a refund or a reduced DD.
Nothing wrong at bulb its all tikety-boo, move on(so I did) :joy: :rofl: :wave:

Some comments on this thread have been removed as they were insulting about a member of staff

Hi @joodmcg,

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I can see you’ve been in contact with us via email about this.

I am sorry for the delay in our response, we have been short staffed over the Christmas period.

If you need anything else please let us know :slight_smile: