Refurbed meter - readings awol

Bulb recently replaced my gas meter. It was a refurb they put in, which had a reading of over 16000. My previous meter was on 1400 something. I did ask at the time how bulb would be able to adjust the readings and they said it would be fine no problems. Plus the engineer said he would give the old and new readings on the day the change happened. Whether he did or not I don’t know and I have put forward readings myself but these have been ignored and I received an estimated bill from my old meter readings instead. My electric was exact though.
Also my last two bills have been refunded and a new 3 month bill put in its place to amend and give more accurate results. Is this common? I always supply meter readings when asked so cant see how they had been wrong.
I will of course speak to bulb when I can but I’m back at work tomorrow after the summer so will be hard to get online or speak in the times bulb are open, hence checking here first.