Refusal to install new smart meter for a disabled customer

So at new year I began communication via email about getting my pre paid gas meter changed to a credit meter. The meter is currently in a location unaccusable for my wheel chair user partner. After many emails and photos I was told the bulb wont install a smart meter because the existing smart electric meter (both meters were here when we moved in beginning of December) is a different number to the gas meters Bulb are installing. I have asked a few times can both meters not be change with all my reply’s ignoring the question. I am topping up a British gas card every week and still paying bulb for BOTH electricity and GAS. I also mentioned this in my last email which I have yet to have a reply to. Bulb you are causing risk to the health of my partner but causing me to repeatedly go out to top up a gas card for what appears to me that you are not supplying gas for yet you are charging me. You guys are a complete joke and dont know what you guys are doing!

Neither do the rest of us. :rofl:
The best advice I can give is that you contact citizens advice on Monday.
They not be able to help in getting your meters changed, but should be able to assist with the double charging

Hey @Clarag83,

I see that you’ve got a complaint open with my colleague now and you’re discussing what options we have here. Let me know if you have any other questions about this that you haven’t got the answer to.