Refusal to Refund Account Credit

I find myself with a significant credit against my account, but the Bulb website will not allow me to lower my monthly payments and has rejected my request for a refund - simply says I am not eligible. So, I had no alternative other than to cancel my direct debit, and I still can’t get to speak with anyone at Bulb.

Am I the only one with this problem?

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Hey @Kobewka and welcome to the community :partying_face:

I can see there are multiple bill failures on the account which I have now fixed. This would have prevented you from requesting a refund via the app.

I have also replied to your email so we can discuss your refund there. I am unable to discuss particular amounts on such a public forum. I hope you can understand.

I look forward to speaking with you.

– Robyn :bulb:

I’m in the same situation. Currently over £500 in credit, paying £130 a month while using £82 - not able to lover the payments down to £100 via the app. It’s daylight robbery to charge that amount!. Contacted the Team via email. Considering stopping my direct debit now.

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Cancel DD
Allow credit to be used up as bill amounts are taken
Ignore requests to set up payment method until credit reduced
Set up new DD
Ignore requests to confirm date and payment amount
Bulb will take amount owed within 14 days of date of bill

Hi @gregorymendyka you mentioned you emailed in, so I’ll reply in more detail directly to your email. As you said, you have a decent amount of credit on your account so it may be that our estimates aren’t in line with your actual usage. I’ll take a further look at this.

@geevo41 That’s certainly one way to do it, but we do prefer to be kept in the loop with regard to payments and it makes sure you don’t receive any admin fees. We like Direct Debits because they give us an assurance that payments will be made consistently - but as you mentioned, we can set up a Direct Debit with a blank mandate so that people only pay for what they’ve used each month. We just ask that you get in touch to arrange this with one of our advisors so that we can put a note on the account.

– Miriam :bulb: