Refusal to replace a broken meter

Hi, we have had constant ignoring of emails and generally terrible communication with Bulb regarding the smart meter which you installed and which stopped working soon after - it is coming up on 2 years of constant issue and no progress towards resolution! whenever we call we are forced to tell the whole sorry saga from the start and it just goes nowhere! please just give us a meter that works, you have acknowledged in writing that it needs to be replaced so just do it! you are still sending wildly inaccurate power estimates that you know we have no proof against, you are in the position of power here and we are helpless! Next stop OFGEM

Hi @lucy.lockets

It looks like your meter isn’t connected to as smart- this doesn’t mean the meter isn’t working, it just means the ‘smart’ capacity currently isn’t. The meter still works as a credit meter and can record your use and you can take manual readings from it to submit to the account in order to ensure bills remain accurate. I recommend taking a reading every 3 months at a minimum if we don’t receive them automatically to make sure estimates are kept in line.

I can see my colleague did email in June asking for a photo of the gas meter as well but there doesn’t seem to be a reply to it- can you please send that over to us? We’ll need to take a look at this to make sure the account is up to date.

Emails are also sent to the one on the Bulb Account so if you’ve emailed in from a different one this might be missed!

Once that is done we can look into the connectivity issue to try and work out if we can get smart readings sent automatically over to us- but we do need this photo if you can!

as explained multiple times and having sent multiple photos of the electric meter (to be clear, the hard wired meter at the entrance to the property - not the internal display) recording the exact same number! and yes, as continually suggested we have held down the “A” button and the B and any iteration therein to try and get it working - it doesn’t.

we have sent a photo of the gas meter, and don’t have an issue with the readings/estimations to date. I have a full backlog of photos of the gas meter and it is not in dispute (other than the yearly limit on billing that is!).

please look back in the history a little more than the last email. On April 16th a bulb “manager” (Nick?) told us “This meter undoubtedly needs to be replaced” and the fault would be passed over to the team dealing with such. Please follow through with what Bulb have suggested to rectify the issue

@lucy.lockets Ahhh I see, I didn’t realise the meter reading did not move.

I’ll chase this up with Nick for you as if he has raised this with our team then we should have an update on the next steps. :blush:

hi, still no word other than an automatically generated threat (presumably… hopefully!) to involve debt collection agencies.

please fulfil your side of this arrangement and also commit to some sort of dialogue on previous miss billings by Bulb. The electricity regulations are clear as to who needs to resolve this. I have never come across a company so bad at either communication or solving problems of their own making!

@lucy.lockets I’m sorry Nick hasn’t got back to you- we did prompt him! I can see you called in recently so they’ll be able to pick it up from there. If the meter is faulty and not recording we will be able to replace it :slight_smile:

I’ve added a pause to any debt escalation for a month as well whilst it’s sorted

Hi, still no contact from this mythical “Nick” and still no working electricity meter, silly power estimates coming through with no way of disputing given no meter records and you are still not taking the agreed direct debit. Can you please sort these issues!! talk about getting blood from a stone, normally commercial companies want to sort these things given the way their reputation is getting trashed.

Hey @lucy.lockets, I’ve escalated this with our metering team to find out about the replacement meter for you. Once I hear back I’ll be in touch as soon as I can :blush: