Refuse referral credit

Hi, I referred to my friend who just rent a flat to be supplied by Bulb. He didn’t know anything about Bulb and I told him that I’m very happy with this supplier.He applied with my referral code and received an email from Bulb saying they can’t give him referral credit according Terms and Conditions 17.2.4 . They also said that they refused giving referral credit because the property was already supplied by them ( maybe the previous tenant had been using Bulb energy)
I’ve checked the Terms and conditions 17.2.4 and it says anything about the property, but the person ( recruits) who shouldn’t be an existing member.
I think they have no reason refusing referral credit. What do you think?

In theory utility companies supply properties not people so on that basis it could be argued that the property is not switching as already supplied by Bulb.

If they’re the occupant of the property and it’s currently being supplied by Bulb, you obviously can’t refer them. There’s no switch to take place.

Now it sounds like they were not aware they were being supplied by Bulb but that’s not exactly Bulb’s fault.

Hi everyone, that’s right, there needs to be a net-increase in the number of properties we supply.