Refusing my refund request

I posted on here yesterday asking about being refunded,I was told you would refund me what I am owed yesterday,you HAVE NOT DONE THIS and you are refusing to answer me when I post to ask where is my refund. I would like my refund processing,do I need to cancel my direct debit until I have my money back?

Hi @007,

The refund of -£92.13 was processed yesterday for you. This can take 3-5 working days to be processed. But I can confirm it is on it’s way back to you.

let me know if you need anything else

– Daisy :bulb:

I do feel, that like a good Doctor, you need some ‘Patience’

Give the bank a few days to process the refund, it’s seldom instantaneous once the company or seller tell your bank

It’s not Bulb’s fault, refunds always take several days to appear in your bank balance

Hi @007

This is not a live chat so response time can be delayed.

I can see both the refund you processed of £92.13 and my refund of £65.24 have been successful.

– Daisy :bulb: