Refusing To Refund!

BULB are refusing to refund my prepaid credit as they say I’ve got a zero balance in my account when I know I was almost 200 pounds in credit across both utilities when we switched. All I keep getting is the ‘your balance is zero’ response!!

Hi @mayorrichards :wave:
Have you received your last bill from Bulb that states the energy/gas you used and the final balance of your account on it?
Have you checked your bank account to see if they have already refunded your money (this can take some weeks)?
This is copied from Ofgem…

Credit on a closed account

We’ve put in place guaranteed standards to make sure you quickly get final bills and money owed after closing an account. Suppliers have: six weeks from a switch to automatically send a final bill. 10 working days from a final bill to automatically refund a credit balance.
If suppliers breach a standard they must compensate you.

If it has been less than 52 days from the closing of the account then they are still within the guidelines. Also, they are more than likely telling you that your account has a balance of £0 because it is being processed for refund.
If it has been longer than 52 days all I can suggest is that you put it in writing, including a copy of your final bill which shows the account credit (if you haven’t had that then the last bill you received, a bank statement showing your last payment and the final meter readings), and send it to them by recorded post. If you don’t get anywhere then I suggest you send in a complaint to Ofgem.
To find details on how to complain to Ofgem then just type ‘Ofgem complaints’ into your search engine (on Google it should be the 1st result you see) and you should find a link.
Hope this helps :crossed_fingers: :+1: x x x

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Hi @mayorrichards :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

I’m sorry you’ve been having issues getting your credit refunded. I have requested a refund via Wise and so you should get an email to claim that later this afternoon.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: