Regarding My Tariff Information

As per my discussion with Sophie(one of your executive) over chat, here below is my tariff information. After discussing with her, I had given my consent and confirmation for the switch from SSE to Bulb.

For MAPN1 :

Stored entery : The unit price is 13.5555 p/kwh

For MPAN2 :

Day Energy: The unit price is 15.729 p/kwh

Night Energy: The unit price is 8.148 p/kwh

The above is not reflecting to my account. So, Can I request you to check and let me know asap please. My service with bulb is supposed has started from 28th of October this month. So, requesting for your replay asap.

I have tried to reach out to you many times over email, chat and phone but didn’t receive any response.


I’m just a customer. Firstly as this is a public forum I suggest you remove your phone number, secondly,it would be better to call Bulb 0300 30 30 635 as they don’t seem to monitor the forum.

Hi John,
Thank you for your reply. I have called them many times but they are not responding to my calls even after waiting for more than 30mins. in the call.

More to this, they are not replying to my emails as well since long. So, I am not sure how to connect to them as they are worst in customer service.


I am having this issue promised 13.5p but getting 18.5p