Regarding to Your Customer service officer

the problem that i face is one of your customer service officer specifically a women is put me on hold and leave me there without saying anything this is unacceptable and disrespect act from you i am new to the country but i get a lot of help from different companies customer service officer they are absolutely tremendous and fit UK standards, you need to check out on this one, not all of your customer service officer is the same but what i experience when i called to your services line i just faced this problem.

Hey @tewodros.teme Thanks for letting us know about this. We are sorry about this experience. The agent is allowed to put you on hold however should be providing you updates if the hold takes a while or offer to follow up via email/call back if the issue is taking a while. You should not be left waiting with no explanation.

We will email over confirmation of your complaint today to follow up.

–Carl :bulb: