REGO certificates from wholesale market

Why does Bulb choose to buy 80% of it energy from wholesale market and hence the REGO certificates independently on the wholesale market for REGO certificates. Is this what Bulb still do?
Why not buy the REGOs from dedicated renewable generators?

Is there a risk REGO certificates for 1MWh of green energy are sold more than once, within the wholesale market route?

How does Bulb know that the REGOs they buy are not from biomass combustion (ie. Drax)? As Bulb states their green energy is from wind, solar,hydro.?

Hi @PaulS,

I went to get some more information on this for you and I’ve been told that our wholesale team are writing a blog about exactly this in the very near future.

Therefore, I would keep eye on our blog and if you have more questions please let us know.