I’m currently £400 in credit and I pay £67 per month. Can I be reimbursed £200 so that I still have £200 credit on my balance? I’d rather do this than reduce my monthly amount as it is easier to budget for.

Many thanks


Hi @graeme1009 ,

As per the stickied post at the top of this forum :

We advise keeping extra credit in your account so we don’t need to increase your payments during the colder months.

However, if you’ve built up credit in your account and would like us to refund it, you can let us know.

Before we refund the credit on your account, we’ll need to check:

  1. You’ve given us a recent meter reading.
    Then we can check that the balance on your account is accurate compared to your usage before we issue a refund.

  2. There is more than one month’s payment in your account.
    This is so your account does not fall into debit when we send your next statement.

We’ll refund the credit into the same account as your direct debit. It can take up to 10 working days to reach your bank account.

If you’d rather keep the credit in your account but lower your direct debit payments, just head to the “Payments and Statements” section of your Bulb account.

If you have moved supplier or house, we’ll automatically refund the credit on your account within a couple of weeks of receiving your final bill.

If you’ve provided a recent meter reading via , then just drop Bulb and email via their email address on and they’ll process it for you.

Much appreciated, thanks.