Related meters.

I am trying to help my daughter switch her electricity supplier. I have been advised by her current supplier (Scottish Power) that she has a related meter system, she has two meters, one for storage heaters and one for normal supply.
Not a lot of people seem to know about related meters?
Would Bulb as a company be able to arrange a switch with this system and what sort of tariffs would we be looking at.
Thank you.

Best you contact Bulb direct and speak to them.

Hi @Geordieboy ,

That sounds like an Economy 7 setup to me - the storage heaters will be on a ‘night time’ rate. If you put her details through Bulb’s website for a quote, it should come back with a dual-meter/economy 7 details - if it doesn’t, I’d suggest dropping Bulb and email or calling them ( see )

@Geordieboy does your daughter have multiple MPANs for the meters?

If so, this post might help you.

Hi again everyone. Thanks for your replies. Yes Hooloovoo she has two meters and two mpans. Me thinks a phone call to Bulb is required.