Releasing credit

My account has been credited with £100 as was reffered by a friend to join bulb so I did as was thinking of switching anyway. Can the £100 be requested for and paid into a bank account or paypal etc or does it just remain in yr bulb account and then deducted from future bills should the monthly direct debit amounts not cover my actual usage? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Jenni, many options are available.

You can either have it transferred to your bank account, or you can request a temporary reduction on your monthly payments to use it up, or you can leave it as a buffer in case your monthly payments over the winter are a less than your usage.

Either way, phone (0300 30 30 635 Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00) is normally the easiest way to request this.
You could also request it here on the forum but it normally takes them a little longer to process it that way.