Reliability of Bulb as an energy provider

Hi, I’ve been hearing in the news of smaller energy providers going bust and the current hikes in prices.
I am £750 in credit at the moment - a good place to be going into the winter - but how secure is Bulb as a business? If Bulb were to fold would I lose my credit? I’m wondering whether I should ask for it back for safe keeping.

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You won’t lose your credit, it’s legally protected and enshrined in Law

Any buyer, should Bulb go Bankrupt, has to honour all Bulb customer credits as part of any investment/buyout

Any panic withdrawals by multiple customers of their Credit is only going to make matters worse by taking monies from the company, making it even harder for them financially to stay afloat


If Bulb were to fold, it would be nigh on impossible to find another supplier with the capacity to take on the 1.7 million Bulb customers.

Bulb would need to be temporarily bailed out in order to keep from folding. They won’t be allowed to fold and leave all its customers in limbo!!


We are not here to subsidise capitalist corporations. They are not charities!

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£750 in credit? Are you running a guest house?

You are right Wulf. Venezuela is the model.


Calm down Wolfie, you’re goona give yourself an ulcer

I think I may already have one.

That wouldn’t surprise me at all