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TThTheThey ssasaid nnonot hhahaving tththethe llilitlittlittle mmemetmetemetermeter I could read wouldn’t matter. I’m booked to have a 3 monthly meter read but that has been blown out because of covid, because I’m disabled and unable to read the actual meter.
I shall have to go and see if I can get someone to let me in and help me read it.
Typing problem seems to have cleared up at least but I can’t be bothered to redo all the beginning, will see.
I know I write garbage but it’s always fresh garbage

Hope this helps,its the keys on your keyboard sticking down,try plugging in a different keyboard,or use the on screen keyboard that you can click with your mouse,its in Start,Accessories,Ease Of access,On Screen Keyboard,hope this helps,regards,Ray

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Not related to your problem, but what device do you use to type on the forums? I’ve had issues on my Samsung Galaxy mobile, where trying to change position just results in all kinds of nonsense being typed.

Hi @stephen.outhwaite, welcome back to Community! :wave:

Thanks for your message, sorry about the typing issues.

If you have a first generation smart meter, then it’s right that the in home display won’t be of much use until we’re able to remotely connect to this unfortunately. We will need manual readings for the time being.

I see you said you’re signed up for quarterly meter readings, which unfortunately we haven’t been able to carry out right now due to COVID restrictions. If your meter is outside the property, and social distancing can be adhered to, I can try to book you in a manual meter reader as a one-off for the time being. You would need to be able to give them access to the meter though.

I’ve popped you an email so we can carry on discuss this there.