Remove a name from statement

hello all,

does anyone know how I can remove a name from my statement? there is only the “add a name” selection.

Sorry, I think this is something that a Bulb employee would need to do. I’m sure they will be here on Monday, see this thread and email you. If not, you can try the live chat (account page bottom right) or call them (0300 303 0635) on Monday.

Hi @ixanthis1,

Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to remove your name from the statements and add another name. Instead we’d need to close one account down and open a new account in another name.

You can do this by going into your Bulb account and

Forget to include the rest of this post, @Gabby_at_Bulb?

thank you for your reply. what if there are two names in the account? is it not possible to remove just one of them?

Hi @ixanthis1,

In this situation, it is a much easier process. We can just remove 1 name.

However, we do need verbal confirmation from both parties for GDPR reasons. This can be done via 2 seperate emails from each person or the easiest way is to give us a quick call when both people are there and we just need verbal confirmation from both people.

thank Noah,

well, a call would be a bit difficult because one of us has moved abroad. can you please send me the email address so we can send a request?

thank you!