Remove name on bill


There are two names on my account, and one of the people has now left the property on less than amicable terms. While I have instructed them to have their name removed from the bill months ago, they have yet to do this, and in all likelihood most likely won’t.

a) How can I get their name removed?
b) What are the consequences if they do not have their name removed from the bill, considering they are no longer living at the property?

Not quite sure but I would think the other half is responsible for half the bill, so maybe send them a statement (even if you have paid) and ask for the money as he is named on the statement. When it comes to cash he may do something about it.
In the meantime contact Bulb and they will sort.

Hi @matthew1204 thanks for getting in touch. I’ve sent you an email about this. Cheers!