Removing a gas and electric meter

Hello I need some help

The house I bought was split into 2 flats and thus had 2 separate electric and 2 separate gas meters.

To get gas and electricity supplied to both upstairs and downstairs I have had to have 2 dual fuel accounts on the 4 meters.

I am looking to get one of the electric and one of the gas meters deactivated and/or removed. I don’t see the point in paying extra on something that’s not required.

All 4 meters are with bulb and on my account. Also both gas meters are literally next to each other as are the electric meters, so I can’t see what would be difficult in going back to a single gas and electric meter for the property.

Having done some research I have been informed that this must be done through my energy provider.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what I need to do to get this done?


Hi there,

To get this done we would need to de-energise the two, unnecessary meters and then re-route those supplies into the two remaining ones. This is a fairly big job but we can definetly get it booked in.

The first steps to get this done would be giving us a quick call 03003030635 with the details of the meters you would like removed. The details we’ll need would be serial numbers printed on the front of the two meters.

Here, we’ll get you some dates and times to see when suits.