renationalisation of the national grid

how would renationalising the national grid affect Bulb and other small green energy companies -doweknow

Hey @toni, what an interesting question. Quite the brain teaser this time of the morning.

My gut feeling is that renationalising the National Grid wouldn’t have much effect on Bulb or other small green energy companies. The reason being that NG is already a monopoly that is highly regulated by Ofgem. So it behaves more like a nationalised company than, say, the competitive and privatised supply side of the energy market.

There could potentially be some small changes to the cost of energy. This is because suppliers have to pay transmission charges to the grid for transporting energy from A to B. So there may some changes to these pricing structures that are passed on to energy suppliers.

As with all these things, there’d probably be a teething period whilst things adjust. But on the whole, I think well-managed regulation by Ofgem, including ongoing Competition and Markets Authority investigations, would keep things under control in the supply-side of energy the market, despite any major changes to the transmission network.

Whoa, great response, Shaunagh!

Thanks for that-and good to know.