Renewable Prices

I’m about to switch and was looking for a fixed deal. However, Bulb’s tariff is not fixed. Do renewable energy prices tend to jump in price like coal/oil/gas or are they more stable?

Hi @macorn here at Bulb we don’t offer fixed deals.

We only have the one variable ‘vari-fair’ tariff because we are trying to follow the market trend that energy prices are going down over time (last year we had 5 price drops and 1 price increase and were still lower than we started!) and give everyone the best deal possible!

We are quick to decrease our prices as soon as wholesale prices allow but because of our lower profit margin its difficult for us to absorb costs when prices do go up. Unfortunately the fluctuations in coal/oil/gas prices also affects renewables because once fossil fuel prices go up suppliers switch to buying green energy instead which affects supply vs. demand and brings renewable prices up too!
(you can read about it a bit more here

However we have committed NOT to change our prices this winter like some of the other larger suppliers have recently announced. We don’t have any plans to change them after this either, but we are making sure that the cost of energy for our members won’t change for the remaining colder, high-usage months.

Please let me know if you have any more questions I can answer for you :smile: