Renwably-sourced Electricity

Just been listening to Radio 2 and heard that there’s a lot of mis-description of renewable/sustainable sourced electricity by energy companies. One of the primary reasons we source our electricity from Bulb at slightly premium tariff prices is the renewable-credentials. How can we be assured that the electricity we buy is all sourced from renewable sources, please? What independent auditing processes back up assertions made by any energy supplier so that we can have confidence in claims that guide our judgement and decision-making on who to chose to supply our energy?

Does the link “Our Energy” at the bottom of this page possibly answer your query?

Thank you so much for directing me to your independent sustainable energy suppliers. Bulb should make much more of this rather than hiding it in the small details. People really do care about this and trust is so hard to come by with all the mis-information from companies these days. Bulb should congratulate themselves and really big themselves up by making much more of this sort of publicity.

Hi @SamanthaSkinner - Thanks for the feedback! We try to be as up front about this as possible in reporting our fuel mix and credentials, if you want to read more about it, our blogs got lots of great stuff too!

I agree that for me I’d want this to be in as prominent a place as possible. People join Bulb for all sorts of reasons though, and one of the key ones we’ve heard from our members is that they wanted to be able to sign into their account, or join Bulb, as quickly as possible. For those of us keen on reading more about green credentials we have to do a little more exploration, but we do try to emphasise the fact we use renewable energy as early as possible :slight_smile:

Is there any information on how much power you supply? I note the amounts generated by the sites you work with, on the link mentioned above. Does “work with” imply that you buy all their energy, or the amount quoted, and how does this compare the amount you supply?

Hi @Ed_W - here, ‘work with’ means that we have an agreement to buy a certain amount of power from them per year. If they make more, we won’t necessarily be the ones that buy it.

A bit more info here

20% of our energy is through PPAs and the rest is wholesale. I don’t have the exact figures of Bulb member’s usage over a year but the above article states that our members used 400 GWh of electricity in March this year. You can make some basic extrapolations with that!