Replacement Economy 7 meter

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if Bulb has a process in place for requesting a meter replacement and if so how much it costs? I have two properties I wish to move over to Bulb, and the second one has a very old set of split Economy 7 meters. These are the ones that use a radio signal to trigger the switch to the lower night tariff as far as I can tell. I know the newer Economy 7 meters are combined in one unit and use a digital signal instead, which sounds like a worthwhile upgrade to me.

Is this a replacement Bulb would handle, or would I need to consult an electrician and get it done myself?

thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Matthew,

An energy supplier is who to go to to get meters exchanged (be it us or another one). In terms of your meters with the radio signal: if these are dynamic meters then we may not be able to take them on, as they stand. We’d suggest that you get your current supplier to exchange the meters and then switch to us.

I’ve emailled you to confirm your details so that we can double-check the type of meter.

thanks Caspar, emailed you back