Replacement Gas Meter

Hi all, I have a super old gas meter which is in a very intrusive position in my downstairs loo. Is it possible to get this moved/replaced with a smart meter and how do I go about arranging it?
Thanks in advance

If a meter is well past its use by date, then Bulb will replace it for free. I’m not sure if there has to actually be something wrong with it. I’d have though simply being old enough to now have questionable calibration would be enough to replace it. You’ll need to contact Bulb directly - the contact details are listed in the Help centre and on page 2 of your PDF bills.

SMETS2 smart meters are just starting to be rolled out by Bulb. If you want one of those rather than a standard replacement, you may have to wait a while. Of course, if the meter is old enough to be due replacement then you may not have that choice.

Finally, if you actually want the meter to be moved then that’s a different matter entirely. The move will be at your own expense, and the cost will vary depending on how much work is required in terms of moving the incoming supply and subsequent piping.