Replacement meter and refund

I have submitted meter readings and taken a photo alongside a few weeks ago. My electricity meter has not moved since I moved in and is faulty. From what I can see the serial number does match up and was told this would need to be replaced if so. I still haven’t heard anything back? The property is due to be sold in 6 weeks so this needs to be sorted asap. I am also in considerable credit as the property has been vacant since January 2019 (over £500 owed). Despite this you have refused any refund on the phone until this is sorted - I cannot see how you can lawfully keep hold of money that is clearly not yours. Your policy says you hold one months payment as you pay in advance - so I would like a refund to that amount £81.13.

You appear to be under the impression that this is a Bulb service desk. It is not, it’s a public forum for customers.

I’d suggest you contact Bulb using their actual customer support lines detailed at the bottom of the “Help” page. The knowledge base also provides an article on how to correctly request a refund of some credit on your account. I’d suggest taking a little read.

For what it’s worth, speaking as another customer, there was nothing stopping you from manually lowering your direct debit to prevent such a large build up of credit. Particularly so given you knew the property was vacant and therefore not using the amount of energy that a typical monthly payment is designed to cover. You have full control via your account dashboard. Take solace in the fact that, as I understand it, an energy supplier is not allowed to estimate the closing reading of a faulty meter. So you’ll have had free electricity for all this time.