Replacement meter battery

Morning, I have attempted to get a new battery installed in my meter for about 3 months. I have been sent the Metering Team initial email questionnaire and sent it back multiple times with no follow up from Bulbs end.

The gas meter has been capped off - by a Gas Safe engineer - since late Feb (so no gas usage at all during this period).

Can I please get a replacement battery so I can give you a reading!?!

When the battery dies in a gas meter the meter needs to be replaced. They stopped doing replaceable batteries years ago, probably about 2005

Thanks for reply.

The meter is a Libra 310P if that makes a difference.

That would be a new meter. Battery is replaceable but the meter is replaced these days

OK but my understanding is that the meter will retain the readings so although I’ve been rubbish at providing readings, the fact that the meter has been isolated before the price hike for the last 3 months for building work should be reflected in the readings.

Is there any current indication on lead time for new meters?

That’s down to bulb. I believe eon do all the meter work for bulb these days but you would still have to go through bulb