Replacement meter reading

Hi there - our meter broke and an emergency engineer (very swiftly) came and fixed it. How do I now submit a meter reading, as the new meter (with a new serial number) shows a number far higher than what was showing on the old, and I don’t want an inaccurate bill…?

I would have thought that the fitter would handle the communication with the supplier regarding the closing reading of the old meter and the opening reading of the new meters. That’s how it happens when I had my smart meters installed.

To be sure, you’ll need to contact Bulb directly when they open tomorrow morning.

@BearHove, if you look on your account, within a week or so of the replacement, the final figures for the old meter and the figures for the new meter should have been entered automatically.

I would also suggest contacting Bulb directly though to make sure the systems are clear on what happened.