Replacement of Storage heaters

Hi All,
We have had the experience this winter of using electric storage heaters and not very impressed by many aspects. Can the community suggest reliable, controllable replacements for storage heaters please. Thanks.

Hi @kierash19, it’s very difficult to suggest alternatives without knowing more about your property and usage.

I’ve seen many properties where storage heaters have worked well, but plenty that are draughty and hardly insulated where room usage is not predictable and storage heaters don’t really work.

What are the issues you’ve had with them?

Whatever you do don’t be tempted to install expensive German ceramic core radiators and expect your bills to fall. All their marketing literature is littered with pseudo science and they cost hundreds of pounds each. They make miraculous claims but disregard the fact it is impossible to change the laws of physics- a £20 Argos convector heater will produce exactly the same amount of heat as a £1000 German electric radiator if you put the same amount of electricity into it!

Before making any changes to a heating system you should of course insulate as much as possible and eliminate any drafts. Be aware that any form of electric heating is substantially more expensive to run than gas. Night storage makes sense for some people, especially if you are home in the day, otherwise many find the heat has run out by the evening when they actually need it. The technology hasn’t significantly changed since it was introduced, but some more modern heaters do retain the heat better than old ones and therefore there is a better chance of some remaining into the evening. Personally, I would consider convector heaters which provide instant heat when actually needed, and switch to a standard tariff. You might need to do a bit of maths to work out what your potential energy costs could be. Your existing energy usage is a good place to start, work out what this would cost you if it were all priced at one, flat rate. Then deduct a bit to account for the heat wasted by storage heaters when you don’t actually need it. You might find the difference isn’t too much, and a small price to pay for actually having a comfortable environment with heat when you need it rather than being dictated to by a pile of hot bricks in the corner of the room…

Hi I’ve just signed up but I get a home warm discount every year with British gas will I still be intitled to this

Hi I've just signed up but I get a home warm discount every year with British gas will I still be intitled to this

Depends if you meet the criteria set by Bulb which is in line with Ofgem guidance.