Report Bulb for theft

Who can I report Bulb to as they are charging me for electric that I never used after the meter they replaced started on 35104 and that claim it was zero. I have photo evidence and given up now after months of sending emails, having the phone put down on me etc etc. I have a 1 bed flat and electric only and no oven just a microwave and am paying £245 a month!!!

If you haven’t done so already, send an email to

If you can’t get a satisfactory resolution then the next step would be the ombudsman. You have to go through the complaints procedure first though.

I have exactly the same situation, they are charging me estimated night readings and have done so since my smart meter install. Previously I had a dual meter but a single rate anyway…

So over 800£ charged in estimated readings since Jan 2020!
Tried to call them but no help whatsoever and even said all was okay. I explained each month and was told they would be back in touch… 2 weeks later nothing!

Thank you, 4 emails to the complaints dept and no resolve.

Hi @Needz1966,

I can see that this problem has been sorted, after much effort on your part. I can only apologize for the length of time it took.

@charles_game, welcome to the Bulb community. I have emailed you for a video of the meter, I can see the issue here & we will be able to fix it.