Reported a faulty timer, but had no response from Bulb

There’s an issue with my electricity. I’ve reported this numerous times and logged a complaint.

On Friday I sent images of the timer, which is nearly 12 hours out and I’m on E7. With the timer so out it means I’m being charged peak rate when it should be the cheap rate. I spent a considerable amount of time on the online chat with Anna G but she couldn’t resolve the issue (I was told it needed to be sent to the meter team and the person dealing with my complaint would do this). It’s now Tuesday afternoon and I’ve had no emails or response.

Meanwhile my electricity bill is skyrocketing each day.

Please can someone tend to this. I was told if the meter was out by 2hours it needed to be replaced.

I’d also like a refund for the electricity I’ve been overcharged.

It’s frustrating that you can’t even call up and speak to someone about this, it’s seems you can only call now if you are over 60 or have no electricity.


Hi @LFerrier,

I am so sorry for the experience that you have had with us. I have had a look at the back and forth that you’ve had with my colleague, and can see that this has been going on for some time now.

I can see that the colleague you’ve been emailing has now escalated this to their manager for help to get this sorted as soon as possible now. A complaint is open, and if your meter is found to be faulty, we would credit you with the estimated overpayment.

For now, we will keep your payment as it is until this has been sorted.

I am very sorry for the stress caused. If there’s anything that you need before my colleague emails you back, please feel free to reply via this community thread.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb:

Hi Niamh
Please can you help me with three points? I am getting nowhere with the customer service person who is dealing with my complaint.

  1. I gave a reading at the beginning of July. Bulb overestimated my nighttime reading so it meant my account reading was -83. Bulb has not adjusted my account. This used to be automatic. Please can this be adjusted?

  2. I am leaving Bulb very soon. A payment comes out in a few days but I understand that I pay a month in advance, so will this next payment only be for the amount of electricity I use (which is near enough half my direct debit payment)?

  3. Please send me a final view on my complaint so I can go to Ofgem. This is the fourth request I have made for the letter (I’ll explain more below).

I put the above complaint in at the end of April (as my February use skyrocketed) and it is still not resolved.

I was given a complaint number and the customer service person who is dealing with that complaint has tried to shut that complaint down at least 3 times even though the issue is not resolved.

That is not acceptable and in statistics it looks as though Bulb solved a complaint within a set time when they didn’t.

I called the customer line and someone hung up on me! I asked for the complaint to be escalated. I wrote to that person and I had no response.

So nearly 3 months later the problem is not resolved. Bulb recognises that I need a new meter but cannot give me a date when that will be.

I have wasted hours on what should be a simple issue to solve. I was a loyal Bulb customer but this customer experience has been appalling. I hope it is looked into.

To clarify, the reasons I’m leaving are:
*Bulb doesn’t feel like a transparent company. Bulb uses an estimate for my yearly usage which is over 1000/KW more than my actual use (which Bulb admits). I’ve been with Bulb for around 3 years and have sent regular readings.
*Customer departments seem to not communicate with one another. Three months to wait for a meter when there is an issue and no date in sight is not acceptable.
*Each month your system tells me to increase my DD to a ridculous amount. I owe nothing on my account, yet it’s saying I need to increase my monthly DD to £98! For a one bedroomed flat that is ridculous.
*Bulb used to be excellent to deal with but the recent customer service I’ve experienced has been upsetting and frustrating.

In hope of a resolution.

Hi @LFerrier

I’m sorry to see you’re having so much trouble getting this issue resolved. I’ll do my best to answer those three points here:

  1. We wouldn’t normally adjust an account balance right away when we’re submitted readings. Usually, we’d apply them to the next month’s statement and credit back any overcharges then. I can see you’ve requested this a few times though, so I’ll manually have your last statement updated to reflect the over estimates.

  2. We’d still take your usual monthly payment to cover any energy usage between now and when your switch completes. If there’s any excess credit leftover after that it’ll be refunded to you once your final statement is produced.

  3. I’ll ask that the agent handling your complaint ensures a deadlock letter is sent to you as soon as possible. As it’s been 8 weeks you can escalate your case to Ofgem without this, but for any complaint older than 8 weeks we should still produce one when asked.

Whilst we won’t be able to replace your meter once you’ve switched away, I’m very sorry for the poor experience which has driven you to switch. I believe you’re entitled to some compensation for this, which I’ll make sure is outlined in your deadlock letter. You certainly shouldn’t have been hung up on, and the issue with your meter has gone on for too long. I’ll do what I can to make sure it’s sorted out now.

Thank you for your response.

I can’t see that there have been any manual adjustments to my account.

I still have no deadlock letter.

It would really great if Bulb could internally look into complaints that have not been handled well, rather than putting customers through the additional hassle of going to Ofgem.

I would’ve stayed if there was a genuine attempt to solve my complaint.


Hi @LFerrier

I’m sorry about the manual adjustment not being visible - I’ve reissued the revised statement now and it should be visible on your account. I’m not entirely sure why that didn’t go through initially.

I can also see that your case has now been escalated to a manager, who will look into it and issue a deadlock letter with our final stance.

I’m sorry to see you’ve left us, but if there’s anything else I can do to help just let me know.