Request a review of my account

Please review wrong information about my energy and gas.
I do not know where and why they are using estimation, and I am passing on correct information.
I will not pay anything different from these information below, because they are real and correct. I have photos as proof and any doubt send a technician to look at the meter.

Please review all my expenses urgently, thank you.

Date Meter Media
20/04/2018 40077 0
24/04/2018 40083 6
10/05/2018 40199 116
12/06/2018 0 0 pushed to next month July
12/07/2018 40828 629
20/08/2018 41135 307
12/09/2018 41357 222

Date Meter Media
20/04/2018 10634 0
24/04/2018 10636 2
10/05/2018 10687 51
12/06/2018 0 0 pushed to next month July
13/07/2018 10762 75
20/08/2018 10790 28
12/09/2018 10812 22

Please consider all this information. All estimation records are erroneous by the BULB system. Please update and charge according to the medications I have sent to BULB. Thank you.

The Bulb team will provide a more definitive answer to your query.

Purely as another customer, who has also experienced the estimate scenario, which then self corrects itself in future months.

  1. Are the readings which you are submitting to Bulb showing on the “Energy Usage” section of your account dashboard, if not then Bulb will need to resolve.

  2. Assuming your readings are showing up in “Energy Usage” do these same reading then appear on your monthly Statements. If they are showing up on your Statements and they are not within 3 or so days of the Statement date then Bulb will do an estimated reading to cover the extra days between you submitting your reading and when ideally they should have been submitted.

  3. Looking at the dates listed in your query they do not appear to be consistent with a regular date just prior to a monthly statement production.

Hi @Oliversc.

We did not receive your meter readings when you joined us on the 12/06 so we had to use an opening estimate. This was an industry estimate based on historical usage.

I can see from the picture you sent us in May that this was a little too low. This means we have to dispute your opening meter reading with your previous energy supplier.

One of our team will reply to your email shortly and make sure that your opening readings are amended.

@Allanr is right - we need your meter readings a couple of days before we send out y our statements. We send you a reminder each month.