Request termination Dual-fuel

I’ve gone into debit today and I wont stand for it. Home and food first. I’ve requested both gas and electricity are turned off. I just cannot understand how a market can be controlled by a wholesaler.
So sod it, Bankrupt the wholesaler. Get new wholsalers, OR have a contingency for hostage level prices.
Meanwhile in Whitehall a party is rocking…

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Hi @hairyman :wave:,

I can see from your last statement your account was in £0.44 of credit before your next payment reached us. Currently, your account is in credit for one month’s payment which is about where it should be this time of year.

We are not able to cut off your supply unless you have the meters de-energized and capped. This is not something we would do while you lived in the property as this would leave you with no energy and would not be responsible from us as your energy supplier.

If you did want to have more control over when your energy was on we could look to install smart pay as you go meters for you. Your energy will then only be on when you top the meters up with credit. The topping up process can then be done either via our app/website or in-store.

Is this something you would be interested in?

– KT :bulb: