Request to adjust estimated reading deducted from account

Hi there,

Last month, I was late in inputting my meter readings, and estimates have been used instead. I’ve since input the real data, but my account has not yet been updated since the £132 overestimate was taken from the balance.

Could you please advise when this would normally be corrected and adjust it if required? It’s difficult to know what I should be paying in to my account next month otherwise, although I can see the actual average usage so far on the portal. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

It wont be “corrected” as such. As in, you will never receive an adjustment notification and a credit to your account.

What will happen is that on your next bill you will submit your meter readings and everything will be correct and up to date again. It’ll just look like you had a big bill last month and a smaller bill this month, but it wont make any difference in terms of how much you should have or would have paid in the end. Essentially you’ve just paid a little bit more upfront last month.

Hi Grant

If you submit new meter readings just prior to your next statement date then your account and balance will correct itself for that statement.

Submitting your readings just after the statement date wont normally result in your balance being corrected.