Response to email

I emailed Bulb at the weekend and had an email on Monday saying they would reply in 24hours. I have had no response yet. I have just switched and they have the wrong address on my account. I am very concerned they are trying to change my neighbours supply. I also queried about how to enter two readings for electricity when only one box was supplied. I need a response

I’m still waiting for my response to

Looks like once u joined they ignor u

Not impressed. They have the wrong address so may be trying to change my neighbour. Very keen to take the first payment yet may not be supplying me!

Hi @maxx . I am very sorry it took us longer to get back to you than it should. I can see that Freddie B emailed on Friday and is sorting this for you. If it turns out we have the wrong meter then not to worry, we can sort this out for you. Let us know if you have any questions.

@Matthewbynre. Referral credit goes into your account as credit.

If your account is in enough credit to cover your next payment, the payment won’t automatically be stopped or reduced.

Your payments are an average to cover your annual cost of energy.

You tend to use more energy in the winter, and less in the summer. So, your ideal monthly payment amount would be an average of your winter and summer bills.

Your regular meter readings help ensure you’re being charged the right amount. If your payments look to high or low, we’d tell you in the 'Payments & statements" section.

As long as we have up to date meter readings from you, then we can refund credit to your bank account.