Restart switch

My previous supplier rejected my switch and I have now sorted that out. The bulb email which notified me of the rejection has a button to restart the switch. However when I press the button it doesn’t take me anywhere to restart the switch. Unless the button is itself the restart, how does it work?

@shenry25 that button press is all you need to do =) . We’ve re-applied for your electricity to come over to us on the 1st of June. If there is another objection, we’ll let you know.

Electricity and gas.

Hi @shenry25 it looks like they didn’t object to the gas switch, so we’re all good to go for both fuels

Many thanks!

I’m having the same issue. Gas has switched fine but electricity still hasn’t gone over despite sorting out the debt.

I’m having the same problem! Electricity won’t get switched over, I been calling and calling me supplier now and they are saying it’s been done so tempted to give Up :joy:

Hi @danielamargray,

Unfortunately, Bulb can’t see the reason why other suppliers have objected to a switch. We’ll need you to get in touch with them and ask them why they are objecting.

Once they’ve confirmed that they will no longer object, please drop me a message and I’ll restart your switch.

Hi @sophie.parker.92,

I can see that we’ve reapplied for both of your fuels last night. We’ll let you know if there are any issues with that.

If you have any questions about the switch process, just let me know.