Restriction on Payments Online

I just went online to pay the £150 Council Rebate to Bulb and it won’t let me, it will only allow me to make a payment of £88.58 or less, apparently it’s to ‘stop your account from building up too much credit’. Unbelievable. The money is meant to put towards my energy bill! Now is the time when it SHOULD be building up credit for goodness sake!

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Just wait till after 1st of October.

What ever positive balance you had on your account will look pitifully small after the next price increase. They’re going to have to increase the limit after that. :confused:

I can’t understand why you would want to give it to Bulb. Hold onto it yourself and use it to offset any future increased DD, or future payments if on a variable DD.

Yean exactly. I’m afraid if they don’t take it whilst it’s on offer then it’ll get sucked away in petrol or other expenses.

Well because that’s what it’s meant for. Just over a year ago I was paying a DD of £65 per month. Then it went up to £79 a month then not so long ago £153 per month. They wouldn’t let me reduce it so I cancelled my DDs because I’m not giving them my money up front to earn interest on but I don’t want to get into debt either so I decided they can have £100 a month for dual fuel and I’ll just pay that each month online. But this £150 is meant to help out with the next winter bill and I just wanted them to have it now and get it out of the way so it doesn’t get used up on something else.

I appreciate what you’re saying. I pay the monthly amount billed. I know my average monthly usage and put that aside each month. Any credit builds up in my account, not Bulb’s. Hence my £150 has been credited towards MY Bulb account, in my bank account.

Also, with bulb being in administration, I prefer to keep control of my money, despite any guarantees that any Bulb-held credit is protected.

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Hey @TMD and welcome to the community :wave:

If you’d like to make that payment as a one off, you can use the top up function in the account via web browser. If you are unable to do that, we can email you a one off payment link.

Please do let us know if you have any problems with the top up function and we can arrange a link to be sent to you.

– Robyn :bulb:

You are missing the point. It wouldn’t let me top up more than the amount I said in my post.