Retain Bulb only for gas supply?

Hi folks. I’m on the Vari-Fair tariff for gas & electricity but I’d like to move my electricity supply to a company that can offer cheap overnight supply. I’ve found a supplier who does that. Am I able to stay with Bulb for gas supply only? Or do they only supply households who take them for both gas & electricity? And if yes, is there a limited tariff selection or would I remain on the gas pricing of the vari fair tariff?

Bulb offer the cheap overnight supply if you want that (Economy 7). I have it. Note that it does require a different meter, and the daytime rate is higher than with the single 24-hr rate.

To answer your specific questions (AIUI, I’m only a Bulb customer): Yes, No, Bulb only have the vari-fair tariff.

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It’s worth noting that if @ben7 has a smart meter (that’s working) that he would not require a new meter. That’s only for things like storage heaters, where a 5 tail meter is required. OP can just request that there switched over to economy 7, or the (slightly crippled) smart tariff

Thanks folks. Yes, I have a smart meter. After the helpful feedback I’ve received on this forum and from Bulb agents directly, I’m in the process of moving my electricity supply to another supplier and keeping my gas supply with Bulb. Changing the meter again wouldn’t help me because the other supplier needs customer meters to be capable of half-hourly readings in order to offer the cheap overnight pricing - and that’s what I have already.

just a question, why didn’t you just move to economy 7 or smart tariff in bulb? im guessing cost? love to know the bulb unit price vs your supplier

Sure - I’m happy to share. I just didn’t presume it was the done thing to talk about details of other suppliers’ offerings here on the Bulb forum. I’m going to Octopus to use their Go tariff for electricity. Principally so I can charge by EV cheaply overnight. 5p / kWh between 00:30 & 04:30 daily. 13.8p/kWh otherwise (vs. 14.2 p with Bulb) - albeit the Octopus standing fee is 25p/day vs. 20.6p with Bulb.

I was thinking dumb meter, where they do have to be changed (though not to a nasty 5-tail one - my E7 dumb meter has the regular 4). But it’s useful to know that smart meters can be reconfigured between single-rate and multi-rate at will.

That sounds great if you have an EV. thinking of getting one, due to the short but often journeys i do. The only thing bulb don’t like is referral links on the forum :slight_smile:

Hey @ben7 it sounds like you’ve already been given details of Bulb’s smart tariff, but if you’re thinking of switching back to Bulb in future, you’ll be able to see the up to date unit rates and times here