Retrospective meter reading adjustments

I was puzzled why a recent statement projected electricity usage some 40% higher than historic (fairly steady) usage. It turned out a retrospective adjustment to a historic initial meter reading had been made, resulting in me being considerable overcharged.

I’ve had a prompt respponse from customer services, and it looks like it’s on the way to being sorted, but I’m posting here to make other customers aware, in case they might suffer the same problem.

I had a dumb smart electric meter installed in November 2019 (no new gas meter, but that’s another story). The meter wasn’t then commissioned, and never has been, so it remains dumb.

My February 2020 bill correctly recorded the final reading for the old meter, and the 0 start reading for the new meter. All fine, kind of. Until I noticed my December 2020 bill covered 13 months, and projected much higher electric usage. When I checked closer, I realised my account was suddenly in debit, whereas it previously was in credit. Only after much detailed checking of my account, past emails from Bulb, and my own occasional paper notes, did I pin down the difference to an amended start meter reading, set to something like 99000 as of Nov 2019 (that’s the same as -1000). There was nothing to highlight this retrospective adjustment.

As I said, I’ve queried this, and I’ve been assured that the mistake will be fixed. But if the same thing has happened to others, it might not be easy to spot.

My electricity readings are fubar, but gas has been consistently reading okay and agreeing with customer reads. Today I’ve just looked at my energy usage: apparently I was running a blast furnace in October. image

looks like a month-long sauna!

Hey @dleslie, I’m really sorry you’ve had issues with your billing, but I’m glad its on its way to being rectified. Issues like this are rare, and please do let me know if you need any additional help with this.

Hi @mjmc, I’m really sorry about that graph. The reason that came through is because there was an errored smart reading of 0 in October, which made your next reading look really high. I’ve updated that now and sent you out a corrected bill. Let me know if you have any questions!